Next Generation

At PDG Arquitectos we take care of the entire process for the Renovation of your building with direct aids up to 80%.


First of all, you should know that European NextGeneration aid is within the context of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of European funds.

In addition, half of the residential buildings in our country have an energy rating located in the letters E, F or G -the worst rated-, while those rated with a letter A -the best rated- are barely 0,2 %.
The energy renovation of a building will cost each owner the same if they achieve a reduction in non-renewable primary energy consumption of 30% as compared to 60% –although the subsequent savings will be much greater in the second case–, since the aid can reach up to 80% of the eligible investment – around €18,800 per dwelling – in the best cases.

The Building Renovation Aid Plan will allocate subsidies to energy renovation, focusing on the comprehensive renovation of buildings, especially on actions on the thermal envelope of the building, thermal insulation of facades, windows and roofs.

In addition, parallel to the approval of Royal Decree 853/2021, which regulates the Building Restoration Aid Plan, an amendment to the Personal Income Tax law was approved that allows deducting the investment made in works to improve energy efficiency in the interior of the houses.

Since last October 5, and until the end of 2022, you can deduct between 20 and 40% of the expenditure on reforms related to insulation, windows, boilers, lighting, etc., provided that an improvement in efficiency is proven energy of a minimum of 7% and up to 30%. The energy savings achieved must be accredited with an Energy Efficiency Certificate prior to the intervention and another afterwards. In addition, it is necessary to present the invoices of the works to deduct the percentage reached in each case when presenting the income statement.

PDG ARQUITECTOS, has appointed a restoration manager, who will be an intermediary figure between the property administrations and the users. The rehabilitation manager will inform and advise, in addition to requesting and processing the funds.

The restoration manager offered by PDG ARQUITECTOS is a figure promoted by the General Directorate of Housing and Land, so that it works proactively towards the communities of owners, integrating services such as obtaining aid and managing them.

Therefore, before starting and in order to save at least 30% of energy costs, it is necessary for PDG ARQUITECTOS to carry out an Energy Efficiency Study by one of our specialists, to decide which interventions to carry out.